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Westbahr Data Center Services

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  • VPS

    Westbahr Cloud Servers are high performance and steadfast servers build to help you grow and scale ...


    OnMetal Cloud Servers resolve the glitches essential in latest shared virtual machines...


    Companies and businesses depends on plenty of softwaresto keep your organization...


    Build and running Data center infrastructure for application hosting will be always complicated...

  • Infrastructure as Service

    Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a service model that delivers server or desktop infrastructure ...

  • Desktop as Services

    Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is the practice of hosting a desktop operating system ...

Westbahr Applications Services


Without some good infrastructure monitoring tools, system administrators will be unaware in case any specific service on some server has stop working and requires time consuming troubleshooting. You might also want to spend some time to figure out which services are critical to you, so you can start monitoring those.

In Organization up-time and availability are highly significant because downed services can put the performance of an application at high risk. Westbahr can facilitate customers in deploying highly scalable and robust monitoring solution that can generate alarms in case something goes wrong.

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SQL Services

SQL Server is the most popular and widely used database application currently used by many industry standard applications.

Westbahr provides highly professional services in the event of any failure or restructuring or clustering.

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SQL Consultants

Westbahr SQL consultants deliver professional services in installation, configuration, upgrade, development, management, recover, tuning and troubleshooting.

Development teams will allow our customers to concentrate on their business.

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MySQL is an open source database system which almost fits in every business model. It supports variety of deployment models with the features like clustering or high availability, security and performance.

We can help you with designing deployment model which best fits in your business and application needs, setting up high availability, recovery etc.


With the best eCommerce platforms, solutions, and CMS software, Magento empowers thousands of retailers and brands with the framework to rapidly innovate. From front end to backend, minor to major customization, extension/plugin, migration or deployment we provide complete support. We can help you successfully run your magento powered ecommerce business with complete focus on business development.

We are Leader in support and development of heavy-load Magento stores, comprehensive eCommerce solutions, custom and pre-built Magento extensions, long-term technical support and maintenance for online stores.

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Westbahr Infrastructure Services

Offering best tailored infrastructured services


Virtualization optimizes resource utilization, lowers Capex, ensure resilience and provides ability for IT to ... Read more

On Demand services

Westbahr on-demand services can be leveraged in case of any critical IT Challenge you may have ... Read more


Infrastructure Security is becoming more and more significant with the time. Traditional methods ... Read more

Infrastructure Design

Today’s business heavily rely on IT for its day to day operations. A productive IT requires an efficient ... Read more


Ever increasing dependency of Business on IT Infrastructure necessitates a system which triggers alarms ... Read more

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Westbahr’s flexible maintenance portfolio enables you to achieve maximum value from your network ... Read more

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